Who are we?

We are an American company that was formed as a part of an important economic partnership between North and South America dedicated to fine agricultural products, seafood and textiles. A company with an established global presence headquartered in Miami specialized in the sales of fresh fruit, we sell frozen and dehydrated products as well. In total we have over a decade of experience in the fruit industry.

We have a wide range of more than 20 products in total. Some of which we especially focused on; mandarins, avocados, grapes, ginger, persimmons, pitaya (strawberry pear), chirimoyas, granadillas, granadas, mangos, lemons, blueberries, pineapples and asparagus. Each have their own sub products and varieties. The business works with 45 loyal producers in 6 countries and 45 clients in 3 countries we are able to both maintain a steady flow of fruits throughout the year.

We know the importance of the quality of our products, for the reason, we import quality products under the supervision of a high-profile quality control team, which may be in the country of origin or destination.

Our Mission:

Pacific Fruit has a mission of constructing a better future for the area under our influence and for those that interact both direct and indirectly with us or are effected by our actions.

We are always looking for the best way to continue our operations and to innovate in our operations and raise them to the next level of quality.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to continue to create sustainability in our sector and to make certain the that our clients and their clients have channels of contact that are able to satisfy all of their needs.

Our Values:

- Integrity: We are honest, honor our commitments, take responsibility for our actions, always considering the triple bottom line: economic, social, and environmental outcomes.

- Respect: We value and recognize individuals, fostering a culture of treating each other with respect and creating an environment where ideas and feedback are highly valued.

- Teamwork: We share our goals and strategies, strive to be communicative and transparent, fostering an open and flexible environment where team objectives take precedence over personal ones.

- Frugality: We strive to achieve efficiency throughout the value chain while maintaining strict discipline in cost management and implementing policies that prevent questionable expenses.

- Excellence: We all work towards achieving the highest standards of performance, innovation, and quality in all our areas, processes, activities, and products. We pay attention to detail and strive to meet the demands and expectations of the international market.